Badass Moments of Breaking Bad – Part 2

Barry March 26, 2013 1

With the countdown continuing to the return of Breaking Bad we bring you the second installment of our ‘Badass Moments of Breaking Bad”, enjoy!


Badass Rating: 7/10

Name: Walter White
Season 1 – Episode 1
Heisenberg Level: Moderate

If you decide to cook up a perfect batch of meth, some gangsters are eventually going to want the recipe.
During the very first episode, drug dealers Emilio and Krazy 8 force Walt into revealing his recipe for his notoriously potent and 99.1% chemically pure crystal meth. Rather than give up his secrets and die in the desert, he uses SCIENCE to intentionally create deadly phosphine gas to fuck up his captors. As he explains to Jesse, phosphorus combined with heat or moisture forms highly toxic phosphine, which apparently ‘one good whiff’ can kill you.
Huge balls from Walt, with a gun to his head, he heats up a pan of water and when it’s boiling throws in the bottle of red phosphorus. BANG. Walt escapes outside where he holds the door shut trapping the two gangsters, killing Emilio and nearly killing Krazy 8.
This man, Walter White, is here to fuck shit up.


Badass Rating: 7.5/10

Name: Tuco Salamanca
Season 1 – Episode 7

From the moment we first saw Tuco, we all knew that he was a fucking psycho. Extremely erratic and unpredictable, this sociopathic meth distributor has a tendency for violent outbursts and going ape shit, as seen in this scene with Walt and Jesse. After completing their drug transaction and Tuco loving Walt’s product (TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT), one of his henchmen makes an offhand comment, which turns Tuco fucking ballistic as he viciously beats the poor bastard to death. As he is repeatedly punching him in the head, the other henchmen gestures to Walt and Jesse to not intervene, as if this is a normal thing for him to BEAT A MAN TO DEATH WITH HIS BARE HANDS OVER NOTHING. Tuco then shows them his bloody fist and laughs and cheers as Walt as Jesse look on, eyes wide open. Tuco laughs again and tells Heisenberg “See you next week”.

The Cheap Shot

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  1. Nick March 26, 2013 at 8:21 AM - Reply

    Fuck i thought Tuco was going for the fist bump when i first watched that

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